What Does Corporate Housing Clean Actually Mean?

by | Nov 9, 2021 | Uncategorized

Meticulously cleaned accommodations are the hallmark of Corporate Housing. At AvenueWest Arizona we have a multi-faceted approach to delivering on what we consider to be one of the most important requirements, if not THE most important requirement, for a Corporate Housing Company to consistently to achieve…perfectly clean and well appointed furnished accommodation. Our approach starts at the very top of our company with Meghan Vost Designated Broker and Owner of AvenueWest Arizona.


Meghan states “From day one I’ve understood that providing our customers with immaculately clean units is not an option. It is essential to consistently deliver an excellent product…Every. Single. Time.” Building on the already established AvenueWest standard of excellence it was a must do for AvenueWest Arizona, not a nice to do.


To meet that standard, AvenueWest Arizona uses in house employees and not outside vendors. This gives us the control to instruct our team what, when, where and most importantly HOW to achieve a perfect result. It also allows for “fingertip knowledge” of the units to keep them in perfect condition, since we are only utilizing our team for our managed units. By having our own employees performing the work they are committed to doing what needs to be done to attain our high standards, because they also have the ownership and pride of delivering a perfect product.


Our systemized approach includes 3 separate inspections or cleanings, by 3 different individuals…even if it’s a same day turn meaning one guest leaves at 11:00am and next guest in at 4:00pm. Step 1 is a thorough Move Out Inspection (MOI), which is conducted right after a tenant vacates. In this step dirty linens are removed and fresh, sealed, clean linens are delivered to the unit. We even have an in house laundry facilities, manned with our own employees, to further ensure we meet the high standards set by Meghan. This laundry facility is outfitted with professional grade equipment, a custom folding table the exact dimensions of a queen bed, and a 15,000-lumen light above the folding table so nothing is missed.


After the MOI is completed, step 2 comes into play when our cleaning team arrives on site to work their cleaning magic, backed by over 28 years of combined corporate housing cleaning experience. One of the tools our cleaning team uses is what we call the “5 second rule”. This “rule” states that when you’re done cleaning a room and you are about to exit…STOP…TURN AROUND and for 5 SECONDS just look at the job you did. Has anything been missed? Is a lamp shade crooked? Did you miss a dust bunny in the corner? Are the linens perfect, straight and smooth? If everything looks good…fantastic…as our team member just got to enjoy, even if for only 5 seconds, the great job they did.


The result of all these systems, philosophies, and hard work, are then independently checked during step 3 which is our Move In Inspection (MII). Once again performed by an employee who has received special training in exactly what our clients, customers, and guests expect from the product we are delivering at move in. All 3 steps, MOI, Turn Clean, and MII are performed by different employees to increase the chances that we will detect a problem and be able to correct it.


Sounds like a lot of work. And it is, but Meghan isn’t kidding when she says “we must deliver on that standard Every. Single. Time…No exceptions!” Our guests, property owners, and corporate clients deserve nothing less!