AvenueWest is Number 435 in the INC 5000! But, what’s in a number?

by | Nov 9, 2021 | Uncategorized

Recently two numbers keep coming up for us in discussion around AvenueWest, 8 and 435. Eight years in business for Meghan Vost and the team at AvenueWest Arizona and AvenueWest Global being the 435 fastest growing company on Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Company list for 2020.


Did you know that 50% of business’ fail in their first 5 years with only 30% making it to their tenth year? (Source: Fundera) However; a business that is part of a franchise system like AvenueWest Arizona has a 85% chance of still being in business 5 years later (Source: Franchise Business Review). It’s the execution of a well thought out business model that makes the difference.


What does this mean or why does it even matter? It matters or means something different to different people based upon their specific relationship to AvenueWest. Often referred to as stakeholders, a company such as AvenueWest Arizona has many valued stakeholders involved:


  • Customers
  • Property Owners/Investors
  • Clients
  • Tenants
  • Other Franchisee Peers
  • Employees


It makes a difference to each group for some very similar reasons:


  • Stability
  • Recognized by reputable source
  • Established Brand
  • Credibility – that we are part of a larger and growing footprint
  • Pride
  • Stability (Maybe we mentioned that before!)


You might be saying, “OK, but what does this mean or how does it translate to daily life when one is thinking about becoming or is involved with AvenueWest?”


This is how we answer that:


  • It means we know what we are doing when it comes to managed corporate housing
  • You can have confidence in our knowledge, abilities and systems to produce results
  • You can expect consistency in all that we do
  • You can trust the work we do
  • Longevity – we’ve been doing this for a while:
  • By being part of an established and growing brand our employees have more pride in the work that they do and the experience that all of our stakeholders have
  • Pride that manifests its self in consistent performance to the highest of standards…EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.


To sum it up, AvenueWest as a brand that is good at what they do today and will continue to be good at it in the future…which is a win for everyone! Reach out to us today to see if the AvenueWest difference is good for you too.