Property Management

Looking for the greatest return on your Arizona real estate investment? AvenueWest Arizona has the knowledge and experience to guide and help every step of the way. We start by taking you through our corporate housing program to determine if it’s the right fit for you and your property. If it is a good match, we then provide a detailed breakdown estimating revenue and the expenses you can expect.

On average our property owners generate a significantly higher return than traditional unfurnished rentals…and with our higher caliber tenants you can expect less wear and tear, damage and near zero collection issues.

Furnished Property Management

AvenueWest Arizona takes care of ensuring your property is maintained to the highest standard, kept immaculately clean, while keeping a close eye on costs.  Thus, maximizing your current rental returns and protecting the market value of your asset.  We foster the connection between a private landlord of a rental property offered as a short-term, furnished rental with those in need of executive housing.  Our program is specifically designed, tested and proven to match high quality rentals with quality tenants.  

Our Experience Works for You

We have a wealth of experience in real estate, finance, contracts, negotiation, and corporate relocation. Throughout our more than 7 years in corporate housing we have managed 100’s of properties and over a thousand leases.  When you entrust us with a home, our top priorty is to maintain and manage your home so you dont have to.  We recognize the duty and accountibility  that comes with taking care of your property and embrace all the responsibility that comes with such an important undertaking. 

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